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  • Emergency & Hospital Coverage

Short term plans offer flexible enrollment periods and coverage options. They provide less coverage and benefits than regular health insurance plans, but allow you to more easily access emergency and immediate insurance coverage needs.

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Short term health plans can have a bad reputation because there are many low quality carriers offering plans with inadequate benefits. This is why we only partner with two top insurance carriers, so that you can be confident enrolling in a short term plan with benefits that meet your health needs.

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What are the pros and cons of short term health plans?



  • No enrollment period restrictions. Enroll or cancel coverage at any time
  • Lower monthly premium costs compared to regular health plans
  • Solution for temporary or emergency health insurance coverage needs
  • Fills the gaps of your health coverage when you are in between jobs or you are waiting for other health coverage to begin
  • Covers basic health needs and emergencies such as doctors visits, urgent care, and hospital ER visits


  • Prescription drug coverage typically not included
  • Less healthcare coverage. Full health plans including Obamacare (ACA) plans are required to cover a set of 10 essential health benefits. Short term health plans are not required to include the same essential benefits and don’t cover as many health services
  • Costs for preventive care (PCP visits). You may face costs for preventive care and lab work. Regular health plans are required to include preventive care at no cost
  • Not eligible for an Obamacare subsidy tax credit to reduce monthly premiums. Only ACA health insurance plans are eligible for a government tax credit subsidy

Who is a good candidate for short term health insurance


Someone who is healthy and looking for temporary or emergency health insurance coverage. Due to the fact that short term health plans provide limited coverage and may not cover your pre-existing condition, short term plans are best for healthy individuals who do not have any planned healthcare services needs.


Is there an open enrollment period for short term medical insurance plans?


No, there are no open enrollment periods for short term health plans. Unlike Obamacare (ACA) plans, one benefit of short term plans is that you can enroll or cancel any time of the year.


Do short term health plans cover the same benefits as Obamacare (ACA) health plans?


No, unfortunately short term medical plans cover less benefits than ACA health insurance plans. As mandated by the Affordable Care Act, regular health plans are required to cover a set of 10 essential health benefits, including pregnancy, mental health, rehabilitation, and prescription drugs. On the other hand, short term health plans are sometimes known as “skinny” plans because they cover fewer benefits and are not required to cover these essential benefits.


If I have a pre-existing condition can I be denied enrollment in a short term health plan?


Yes, you may be denied enrollment in a short term plan or the plan may not cover healthcare services for your pre-existing condition.


Does my current doctor accept short term health insurance plans?


Maybe. Be sure to check if your favorite doctor is included in the network of the particular short term health plan you are considering.


Can I contribute to my health savings account (HSA) when enrolled in a short term health plan?


No, short term health plans are not HSA-eligible and you will not be able to contribute new money to your HSA account. However, if you have an existing HSA you are still able to use money in your account to pay for healthcare expenses.

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