Health Plan Radar is operated by a unique team of experts in health insurance, the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), data science, and web development.

Health insurance can be extremely confusing and buying a plan is often described as one of the most uncomfortable consumer purchasing decisions. Health Plan Radar’s mission is to change that. We have created advanced tools, filters, and metrics which allow people to more easily understand all of their plan options, the cost of those options, and find the best and most affordable plan for themselves and their family.

People often need help with enrollment and the subsidy (tax credit) application process. We connect people to certified web brokers and licensed insurance agents who can help people apply for a subsidy and enroll in the plan of their choice.


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Information and data figures shown on are based on publicly available information. In some instances we perform calculations and show estimates. We do our best to display accurate information, but information shown should not be considered official and is for research purposes only.

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