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Health Plan Radar is a free resource to find health insurance plans available in your location. All information and figures shown on this site are based on publicly available information from and

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Search and compare Medicare health insurance plans available in your area, including Medicare Advantage, Part D Prescription Drug, and Medicare Supplement plans.

Medicare 65+ Health Insurance Plans

Who should use Health Plan Radar?

Under 65:  Health Plan Radar is best for anyone who does not have access to a health insurance plan from their job or a family members' job. Why? Because plans offered by employers are usually more affordable than plans shown on Health Plan Radar.

Over 65:  Everyone over 65 years old should use Health Plan Radar to explore their Medicare plan options, even if you are currently enrolled in a plan from your employer. Medicare plans may be more affordable and offer additional benefits.

Low-income or Disabled:  If you or your family may qualify as low-income (Medicaid eligible) or if you are disabled we recommend contacting healthcare,gov (1-800-318-2596) to learn about your health insurance options which may not be shown on our site.

Who should use Health Plan Radar?

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