Mutual of Omaha Rx Premier (PDP)

South Dakota Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan (2023 Plan)

Monthly Premium
by Mutual of Omaha Rx
Additional Coverage


Overall Government Star Rating
out of 5 stars

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Plan Name
Mutual of Omaha Rx Premier (PDP)
Insurance Carrier
Mutual of Omaha Rx
Plan Type
Medicare Part D Prescription Drug
Monthly Premium
Drug Plan Deductible
Nationwide Coverage included

Mutual of Omaha Rx Premier (PDP) is a Medicare Part D Prescription Drug, which is available in South Dakota and offered by the health insurance company Mutual of Omaha Rx.

Mutual of Omaha Rx Premier (PDP) has a monthly premium cost of $62 per month, with an annual deductible of $505.00.

Tier drug costs for: Standard retail pharmacy drug cost for 1-month

TiersInitial coverage phaseGap coverage phaseCatastrophic coverage phase
Preferred Generic$8.00 copay

Generic drugs :

Brand-name drugs :

Generic drugs :
$4.15 copay or 5% (whichever costs more)

Brand-name drugs :
$10.35 copay or 5% (whichever costs more)

Generic$17.00 copay
Preferred Brand$47.00 copay
Non-Preferred Drug47%
Specialty Tier25%

Part B Drugs

Chemotherapy drugs
Not covered
Other Part B drugs
Not covered

Each year the federal government evaluates the quality of Medicare Advantage and Part D Prescription Drug plans based on a 5-star scoring system. For 2023, Mutual of Omaha Rx Premier (PDP) received an overall government quality rating of 2.0 stars out of 5 stars.

Mutual of Omaha Rx Premier (PDP) performed worse than South Dakota’s State average overall quality score of 2.9 stars.

This Plan’s 5-star Gov’t Quality Score
South Dakota State Average Score
Overall Government 5 Star Quality Rating
Summary rating of drug plan quality
Drug plan customer service
Member complaints & changes in the drug plan's performance
Member experience with the drug plan
Drug safety & accuracy of drug pricing

Mutual of Omaha Rx Premier (PDP) received 2 stars for its drug plan quality score which is worse than the South Dakota State average drug plan quality score of 2.9 stars.

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