Anthem MediBlue Rx Enhanced (PDP)

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2020 Plan
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by MediBlue Rx (PDP)
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State: New Hampshire

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Plan Type

Prescription Drug (Part D)



Prescription Drug Benefits

Tier drug costs for: Standard retail pharmacy drug cost for 1-month

TiersInitial coverage phaseGap coverage phase1Catastrophic coverage phase
Preferred Generic$9.00 copay$9.00 copay

Generic drugs :
$3.60 copay or 5% (whichever costs more)

Brand-name drugs :
$8.95 copay or 5% (whichever costs more)

Generic$10.00 copay$10.00 copay
Preferred Brand22%
Non-Preferred Drug39%
Specialty Tier25%
1 For all other drugs, you pay 25% for generic drugs and 25% for brand-name drugs.

Part B Drugs

Not covered
Not covered

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